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Victoria looked out for my family’s best interest as if she was a part of it. After my father passing, we were trying to sell his house to pay the 65k on my mom’s house. I went to two real estate agents who were highly recommended and they looked at the house and said that we would be lucky to get anything back from the house with the state it was in. Tori came in, and started by saying she wanted to do and what it would take us to get my mom’s house paid off and leave an inheritance for all 5 of us kids. She then told us what we would need to do to the house in order to reach our goal. We sold it for almost 100k more than the best the other real estate agents told us they could get. Now we will pay off my mom’s house with a healthy amount left for all 5 of us kids. Victoria made one of the worst situations of my adult life just a little bit easier. And I couldn't be more grateful to her for what she did for my family.   John C.

I can’t thank Victoria enough!! We had to sell our home quickly and did not know what to do. Not to mention we were in a lockdown due to the coronavirus. Victoria became a good friend when we asked her for help. She took over with ease and professionalism. She gave us clear instructions on what we needed to do to make the house ready. 

The house Sold for more than we could ever have had expected. I highly recommend Victoria!   Anna 

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