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​Richard ​Bezus

Real Estate Agent

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Hi, my name is Richard Bezus.
I am a broker here at Park Place Properties. 
From opening my company at a young age and operating in the construction field I have learned what a buyer and seller needs to benefit in the real estate market. I am very dedicated and motivated to get nothing but the best for you. My focus is growing a brand here in Washington to become the best team in real estate and one day in the country. The focus is always you, the buyer or seller. I am just the middleman who makes life easier for you. 
My track record is impressive. The main point is my determined character. I am dedicated to you, in the buying and selling process. 
I am looking forward to working together and building a relationship that hsa been a main focus of mine when dealing with real estate. To grow in trust as we work together to get the best deal for you!

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If you're contemplating a move, we'd love to work with you. We have a unique process for finding you the perfect home. Our listing process is fully dialed in. Working with us will ensure that you get exactly what you want and that everything goes smoothly. Schedule a consultation today.

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