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Nolan Davis

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Nolan's approach is all about value. He is open to thinking outside the box to get the best deal possible, with understanding the wide range of factors that go into any negotiation. From experience starting and managing fundraisers, the hardest negotiation of them all- having a person just give money for an unselfish cause. There can be many similarities in real estate transactions.
Nolan is from a military family and has moved all over the united states, having lived here in Spokane for 11 years, he knows the hidden gems beyond just the amenities of the Spokane area. He may be willing to share a few. 
From his perspective he understands that real estate can be very stressful and utilizes as many tools as possible to ease and mitigate that stress. Part of the solution is getting to an understanding with sellers and buyers. So there is no uncertainty with the process, and hopefully leave the transaction with a sense of fulfillment and new knowledge that gives them justified confidence in the future. 

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